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—Alexis Pham

Pittsburgh, PA

"During the summer, right before my senior year, I was not sure how I was going to maintain my life without having a mental breakdown because I was so involved within and outside of school. Preparing for AP and honors classes, practicing twice a week for cheerleading, organizing school events for student council, having a side job, and whenever I was available, I would take care of my two-year-old little brother while my parents were working. How was I suppose to fit college into my schedule? I already had bad anxiety so I knew for sure I would push those responsibilities aside until the deadline was near. Feeling hopeless and unprepared as I was approaching my senior year, College Confident Prep appeared. If Ms. Emilia had not guided and motivated me to apply for college, I would not have been able to write a 300-500 word essay, or have the courage to email schools, or even have the patience to figure out FAFSA! We met right before school started, she took the time to learn more about me, my interests, my dislikes, and what my life was like in order for her to figure out which school would be best for me, the best time for us to meet, and more. The Common Application had become my best friend; I have written over twenty essays, have been accepted by eight colleges and still waiting for more, and received scholarships ranging from $80,000 to a full-ride, all thanks to Ms. Emilia Wiles! Although I was busy, she helped me figure out how to squeeze my college responsibilities into my overwhelming life. Her services have done more than just get me into a school: She supported me when I thought I was going to fail, believed in my when no one else did, and helped me grow mentally." 

"Hiring Emilia Wiles at College Confident Prep was the best move my wife and I even made. My eldest son wanted to transfer to a college on the West Coast and my youngest is trying to get into a prestigious college on the East Coast. Emilia makes the entire process seamless and stress-free. Further, she really knows how to speak to our children to make them feel proud of their accomplishments. I can't recommend Emilia more strongly!!"

                                  -Thomas and Michele Force, Long Island, NY - 2018


“College Confident is always available to give sound and constructive advice to both of us. My child and I often differ on many issues during this process. Whenever we are at an impasse, she has given us the tools to manage our differences in a productive way—and as usual, both of us usually agree with her recommendation. Although my child is independent and strong-minded in her decision-making, she feels comfortable enough to call Emilia and consult with her for even the most mundane or minor question. ”

—Ms. Iannacci, Long Island, NY

“Finding Emilia at a time when my girls were growing up and growing a bit a part from us as parents was a precious gift. Emilia was able to bring the messages and information about how to prepare to be successful on applying to the right programs but also how to get into them to my girls. I have two different type of kids. An outgoing and super confident one and a beautiful introvert. Emilia was able to reached both of them and find the programs and colleges that met their needs. ”

Ms. Sullivan, New York City


“Coming from a school where I was not fortunate to receive positive support from my college counselor, College Confident helped me to achieve the impossible. This helped me believe that I could achieve anything I put my mind to and that my top University was in reach.  The amount of care and support that I received was indescribable; there was never a time where I was told not to apply to a school or felt as if I was not guided. The college process was a breeze. My parents and I were amazed by all the time and effort that was put into my applications. College Confident has impacted me to never settle and reach for the impossible. I am excited to be attending George Washington University and cannot wait to apply what I have learned."

Erica C, Brooklyn, NY

George Washington University

"Working with College Confident was one of the best decisions my mother and I had ever made. Having an outside voice for suggestions allows a student to be different. The college counselors at school give every student the same suggestions, making them seem all the same. Also, from the perspective of a kid in the college process, I rarely listened to my parents about their opinions in this process. Emilia allows you to shine based on the information you give her. She takes that information and gives you ideas on how to differentiate yourself. Also, Emilia responded back to emails about edits, questions, and all phone calls within that day. I could always count on Emilia to be reliable. Even when I disagreed with my mother, she was able to help us come to a compromise. I had a dream school. And Emilia told me what I needed to do to get there, I followed and she was right. I am now enrolled in the class of NYU 2022 and cannot thank Emilia enough for everything she had done to help."

Will R., Long Island, NY

New York University


“I am so grateful for your help with the application process. You gave me the confidence to aim high and really put myself out there. I really don’t know where I would be without you. I can’t wait to find out where I will be attending! My choice will be fantastic no matter what because with your help I was able to create such a fantastic list of schools. Thank you and thank you again!”

Izzy P., Potsdam, NY

At 15 years old, I knew my options to attend college were limited, but with College Confident's help I was able to attend the college of my dreams on a full tuition scholarship. Before starting the college application process, Emilia evaluated my circumstances and advised in a manner that met my families' needs. She gave a lot of suggestions about what I should include in my college essay, how to structure my resume and the activities I should participate in throughout high school. It was her expert advice that helped set me apart from other applicants. It was hard work, but we had realistic goals and she made sure I understood the process especially my financial aid packages and ways to negotiate for more aid.  Having CC Prep's help was the best thing that could have happen to me throughout the last two years of high school!"    -Natalie, Brooklyn, NY


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