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10,000 College Acceptances

About College Confident Prep

College Confident is an innovative college access program with a decade of experience increasing application and matriculation rates for 10,000+ public high school students in New York City. Unfortunately, many schools don’t offer students this level of preparation and guidance. That’s why we created College Confident Prep, an online college counseling program that educates and empowers parents and students to navigate (and ace) the college application process on their own—skillfully, and stress-free. Our tested approach has resulted in thousands of college acceptances, but that’s not the only benefit of the program. Ultimately, College Confident Prep fosters confidence, leadership, and motivation towards economic and social freedom.

Meet Emilia Wiles,

Founder and CEO

of College Confident

Emilia Wiles has a passion for college access and community development.

As the founding CEO of one of New York City's most successful college prep programs servicing over 10,000 public high school youth across New York City boroughs, Emilia has used her educational expertise and community development abilities to teach and promote college confidence and student leadership though out the college process amongst the students with whom she works with. Additionally, she has founded several youth development and educational organizations across New York City, which have all served to encourage youth community empowerment and action via college access. Emilia has consulted with several local and international institutions to integrate innovative teaching and learning tools into their curriculum and public programs for greater college access in their communities.  She holds a BA from Wesleyan University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Communication, Design and Technology from The Parsons New School of Design. She is a leader in practice and thought in the college access field in New York City for over ten years. 


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