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Upcoming Bootcamps

5-Day Bootcamp!

Free Consultation!

Secrets of the Financial Aid Process:

5-Day Bootcamp for Parents & Students

July 19-23 • Pittsburgh, PA

5-Day Bootcamp!

5-Day Bootcamp!

How to Get Into College—& Avoid Debt:

5-Day Bootcamp for Parents & Students

August 20-24 • Pittsburgh, PA

How to Get Into College—& Avoid Debt:

Full-Day Workshop for Parents & Students

August 27 • Pittsburgh, PA

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12 Reasons to Invest in College Confident Prep

  • 10+ years of experience counseling 10,000+ seniors through the college application and financial aid process

  • 90% of partnering high school principals and administrators recommend us

  • 5+ years of private college counseling for families

  • 25+ high schools in New York City have chosen our services. (We have not advertised once.)

  • High school counselors are too busy to offer the attention your child deserves

  • We simplify this overwhelming process!

  • You'll save thousands of dollars. For regular private counseling, we charge $200/hour, adding up to $8,000 in services. 

  • We've secured 25+ million dollars in scholarship funding.​ With our services, each of our families has saved an average of $250,000 in financial aid packages.

  • We make your application the most competitive it can be to get into the top college of your choice

  • We push your student harder than a regular counselor will

  • No child can do this process on her or his own; students need a guide

  • We have answers to your most difficult questions, thanks to our decade of experience 

Disclaimer: Given the nature of the admissions process and the selectivity of many educational institutions, we cannot guarantee admission to any institution nor the amount of financial or merit aid a student will receive.

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