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"College Confident Prep

got me into the school 

of my dreams—and

helped me avoid debt."


Secrets of the College

Application Timeline

Want to Get Into College and Pay Less?

College Confident makes college applications easy.  We get you accepted and we make sure your family can afford it.


Originally designed designed to solve the American college debt crisis, our 10 years of experience helping over 10,000 students have helped us realize that colleges and universities have become a business.  So we made it our business to help you navigate their industry to your advantage.

20 hours of personal

guidance sessions

with our counselors. Free consultation to get started!

Secrets to securing

financial aid and



timelines and tasks

to stay on schedule

We Offer Students Expert Guidance 

 In 10 years, our expert team has submitted 16,000 applications, secured $25 million in scholarship funding, and received acceptances from top universities. 

Clients Share Success Stories

"I have been accepted by eight colleges and have received scholarships ranging from $80,000 to a full-ride, all thanks to College Confident! Although I was busy, Emilia and her program helped me figure out how to squeeze my college responsibilities into my overwhelming life. Her services have done more than just get me into a school: She supported me when I thought I was going to fail, believed in my when no one else did, and helped me grow." 

—Alexis Pham

Pittsburgh, PA

“Coming from a school where I was not fortunate to receive positive support from my college counselor, College Confident helped me to achieve the impossible.  This helped me believe that I could achieve anything I put my mind to and that my top university was in reach..."

—Erica C., Brooklyn, NY

George Washington University

“Finding College Confident at a time when my girls were growing up and growing apart from us as parents was a precious gift. I have two different types of kids: an outgoing and confident one and a beautiful introvert. College Confident was able to reach both of them and find the programs and colleges that met their needs. ”

—Ms. Sullivan, NY

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